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World Day against Child Labor 2017

Panel Discussion and Press Conference on “Child Labor in Fishing Sector and Seafood Industry in Thailand – Challenges and Solutions

Children under 18 years old are prohibited from working in Thailand --period!

This is a commitment of Thailand made to the world --no excuse of poverty nor social context. There is no child work nor child labor; every child must go to school. Thailand provides access to education indiscriminately for 12 years at no cost for Thai and migrant children. The development of monitoring and grievance system of child labor in Thai seafood supply chain has been discussed.

Recognized the Rights of the Child By

LPN Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation MAST the Multi-stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries TMFGThai and Migrant Fishers Union Group MUNT Migrants Union Network in Thailand Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Chulalongkorn University

With support of Plan International

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