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MAST Human at the Seafood & Fisheries Emerging Technologies (SAFET) Conference in Bali, Indonesia

During the Seafood & Fisheries Emerging Technologies (SAFET) Conference in Bali, Indonesia, from October 3rd to 5th, 2023, Dornnapha Sukkree, the esteemed Founder and Executive Director of MAST Human, unveiled a pioneering solution. She introduced the cutting-edge technology of the MAST Human Intelligence App, which is poised to revolutionize worker protection within the fishing sector, shielding vulnerable laborers from exploitation and human trafficking.

In her presentation, Dornnapha underscored a crucial perspective: fisheries encompass not just the capture of fish but also the lives and well-being of individuals. MAST Human, committed to this principle, offers the MAST Human Intelligence App to empower vulnerable workers, preventing them from falling victim to trafficking. Concurrently, this innovative technology facilitates the integration of crucial human data to enhance transparency and accountability across the entire seafood supply chain.

The SAFET Conference served as an invaluable platform to showcase the intersection of technology, social responsibility, and sustainability in the fishing industry. Dornnapha's presentation epitomizes MAST Human's unwavering dedication to creating a positive impact by safeguarding the most vulnerable while fostering transparency within this vital sector. Stay tuned for further developments and innovations as we continue our mission to drive meaningful change.


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