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Amazing Abundant Sea" Campaign: Pioneering Responsible Tourism and Marine Conservation

We are delighted to highlight the successful implementation of the "Amazing Abundant Sea" campaign, a collaborative effort led by MAST Human and supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and with support from a dozen of governmental agencies. This pioneering initiative has set a new standard for responsible tourism and marine conservation, addressing critical issues at their roots while fostering sustainable practices and community development with the ultimate goal is to address to root cause of human traffikcing.

The campaign's immediate impact has been substantial, with the establishment of ten fish houses serving as sanctuaries for diverse marine life, along with the release of approximately 34 million juvenile crabs and 360 mother crabs into their natural habitats. Moreover, we released around 120,000 cockles to be reproduction in the community restoration area stands as a testament to our commitment to the ecological revitalization of our marine resources.

Equally significant has been the fostering of community engagement and joy through beach cleaning initiatives and the recently organized seafood festival. The outpouring of support from both the local community and visiting tourists has reinforced our belief in the power of collective action and responsible stewardship of our natural environment.

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to nurturing this region into a hub for ecotourism and marine conservation activities, providing a sustainable model for other communities to emulate. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and sponsors for their invaluable contributions, underscoring our shared commitment to a more sustainable and thriving future for our oceans and communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on our continued efforts to champion responsible tourism and marine conservation.


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