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Digital-Driven Protection for the Vulnerable, the Trafficked, and Marine Creatures

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About MAST Human


MAST Human, formerly known as the Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries (MAST), was established in March 2016 as a visionary coalition dedicated to addressing the root causes of human trafficking and IUU (Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated) fishing in the Southeast Asia fishing sector. Our approach is characterized by collaboration and constructive action.

Drawing upon the collective expertise of on-the-ground experts from civil society and reputable professional consultancies, MAST Human activates robust and positive solutions aimed at empowering fisher communities. We strive to forge partnerships with civil society, businesses, and governments, catalyzing real and tangible change, ultimately leading to improved living conditions for workers and fishers alike.

Our mission is to create thriving fisher communities that uphold sustainable fishery practices, ensuring consumers access ethically sourced seafood free from the taint of forced and slave labor. In September 2018, we took a significant step by registering as a nonprofit social venture in Thailand under the name "MAST Human," a symbolic reflection of our unwavering commitment to safeguarding vulnerable, trafficked individuals, and marine creatures. In 2021, our scope of work underwent a significant expansion, reaching beyond the fishing sector to implement comprehensive prevention and protection measures for both migrant workers in Thailand and Thai workers in other countries. Our dedication to safeguarding the well-being and rights of all workers remains steadfast and resolute. Together, we strive for a future where every worker is treated with dignity and respect.

At MAST Human, we tirelessly pursue our principle of protecting the vulnerable and trafficked, making every effort to combat all forms of trafficking, including forced labor within business supply chains and child online exploitation. To achieve our vision, we leverage technology as a powerful tool to counter human trafficking and forced labor in Southeast Asia, making the region safer and more secure.

Join us in our mission to create a world where the fishing industry thrives sustainably, and every individual is treated with dignity and respect, free from exploitation and injustice. Together, we can create lasting change and ensure a brighter future for all.

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MAST Human Intelligence App: A Powerful Tool to Combat Human Trafficking and Protect the Vulnerable Workers

Human trafficking is a serious problem that affects millions of people around the world, especially in Southeast Asia. According to the Global Slavery Index, there are an estimated 610,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in Thailand. Many of them are exploited in the fishing sector, where they face harsh working conditions, physical abuse, and a lack of legal protection. 

To address this issue, MAST Human, a nonprofit social venture that was formerly recognized as the Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries (MAST), has developed a mobile application called the MAST Human Intelligence App. This app serves as an effective tool for tracking the safety and well-being of workers, specifically designed to enhance the protection and prevention of labor rights and human rights violations, including human trafficking, for vulnerable workers.

The MAST Human Intelligence App adopts a worker-centric approach that empowers workers and targets criminals. It utilizes data collection and predictive behavior modeling to provide real-time assistance to individuals in need. The app has numerous features, such as location tracking, emergency alerts, criminal reporting, worker education, and crowdsourcing communication. The MAST Human Intelligence App is available in English, Thai, Khmer, and Burmese languages, which can cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of the workers. The app is also encrypted and secure, which can protect the privacy and safety of the users. 


The MAST Human Intelligence App is a groundbreaking mobile application that serves as a powerful tool to combat human trafficking and protect vulnerable workers in the fishing sector and other industries in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the generous support from Edge Case Capital Partners and the App Company, and the integrated collaboration of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) and the Ministry of Labor of Thailand, as well as the DSI's People Networks for Crime Prevention in Thailand and aboard. 

Join us in the fight against human trafficking and the promotion of decent and dignified working conditions for workers in the fishing sector and beyond. Together, we can create a world where every individual's rights and well-being are protected and respected.

Available for Download Worldwide Today!



MAST Human, in integrated collaboration with the Department of Special Investigation of Thailand (DSI) and the Thai Ministry of Labour, has introduced the MAST Human Intelligence App to workers not only in the fishing sector, but also extending to the use of the app for better protection of Thai and migrant workers in other industries such as agriculture, hospitality services, and construction, as well as for use to prevent and protect Thai workers that are lured and forced to work aboard in commercial sex and phone scam syndicates.  

Key Features: MAST Human Intelligence APP

MAST Human Intelligence App is a cutting-edge mobile application designed to enhance the safety and well-being of workers in the fishing sector. With a focus on empowering workers and combatting labor rights violations and human trafficking, this app is a powerful tool for change. 


Key Features of the MAST Human Intelligence App are:

  • Crowdsourcing against Human Trafficking: Leverage the strength of the community to combat human trafficking effectively.

  • Vessel/Workplace Worker Reviews: Access vital information about vessels before boarding or working in particular workplaces, ensuring informed decisions for workers.

  • Communication Forum: Connect and share valuable information with fellow fishers and workers.

  • Emergency Alerts: Alert emergency contacts in case of safety concerns for prompt assistance.

  • Automatic Warning System: Receive job-based alerts to ensure worker safety at all times.

  • Two-Way Communications: Establish seamless communication between users, MAST, and nearby workers.

  • Eyewitness Reports: Easily submit reports of illegal activities while safeguarding your safety.

  • Evidence Gathering: Help support investigations and prosecutions by providing evidence of criminal activity.

  • Educational Resources: Access materials on worker's rights and survival tips for migrant workers.


The MAST Human Intelligence App revolutionizes worker safety and protection, with technology as a force for positive change. Together, we can create safer, empowered, and thriving communities in the fishing sector.

Download User Manual: MAST Human Intelligence App 

Introducing Our New Initiative:

 The Amazing Abundant Sea  

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At MAST Human, we believe in harnessing the power of sustainable tourism, marine conservation, and community resilience to bring about positive and transformative changes in coastal communities.


Our initiative, the"Amazing Abundant Sea," serves as a beacon of this philosophy, addressing sustainable development, food security, as well as the root causes of human trafficking and illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing by fostering alternative livelihoods through sustainable tourism while championing marine conservation efforts. Our fundamental principle revolves around enriching the seas that coastal communities depend upon, thereby encouraging residents to remain in their hometowns. By reducing the need for individuals to seek employment on commercial vessels in distant seas, we aim to mitigate the risks associated with human trafficking. This approach is underpinned by the belief that when local economies thrive, communities remain intact.

The core activities within the Amazing Abundant Sea, led by MAST Human, are designed to explore and establish alternative income avenues through sustainable tourism. This shift not only alleviates the pressures of overfishing but also combats the depletion of fish stocks, fostering a more sustainable environment.

MAST Human's expertise is pivotal in crafting marine conservation programs tailored to the specific needs of each unique community. By understanding and respecting the distinct characteristics of these locales, we create targeted conservation activities and promote tourism initiatives that resonate with the local ethos.

We are committed to leading by example, translating our conceptual frameworks and policies into tangible action. The success of our inaugural launch at BannTongNoi, as seen in the Amazing Abundant Sea project, speaks volumes about our dedication to creating sustainable, resilient, and thriving coastal communities.

Join us in our mission to forge a future where the seas flourish, communities prosper, and the bond between mankind and nature remains harmonious. Together, we can make the seas abundant, securing a brighter tomorrow for all.

Coastal communities interested in fostering sustainable tourism and marine conservation are encouraged to contact us. Let's explore the potential to launch the Amazing Abundant Sea in your community, creating a thriving, resilient coastal environment together.

Contact us today to begin this transformative journey.



Our Showcase: Amazing Abundant Sea @BannTungNoi

MAST Programs

The Campaign "KEEP EYES ON"

A Campaign to Raise Awareness and Counter Child Online Sexual Exploitation

MAST Human in collaboration with the Department of Special Investigation of Thailand (DSI), Thai Parental Values, Rakabjat Mahasarakham Universities, DSI Stations, and the Ministry of Education of Thailand have initiated and been commencing the campaign "Keep Eyes On" to protect children from online sexual exploitation and glooming.


The program "Keep Eyes On" combines robust activities as follows: 

  • to raise awareness of child online exploitation,

  • to empower parents to combat online dangers and keep their children safe online through the use of a parental control app of Parental Values as a tool to have better insight into child's online activities and can identify potential threats of child online sexual exploitation, 

  • to foster dialogue among parents, teachers, and children for the balancing of child privacy and prevention of children from online dangers,

  • to engage communities as a second fence to protect children,

  • to encourage children to put their devices off and participate in healthy offline activities.  


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