A nonprofit Combating Human Trafficking at Seas


The Multi-stakeholders Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain

of Thai Fisheries (MAST)

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About mast

The Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries or MAST was established in March 2016 as a coalition to address the root causes of human trafficking and IUU fishing in the Southeast Asia fishing sector with a collaborative, constructive approach.


MAST combines the expertise of experienced on-the-ground experts from civil society with well-regarded professional consultancies to activate robust positive solutions for fisher communities. MAST aims to work with civil society, businesses, and governments to move toward real change with better living conditions for workers and fishers. Our ultimate goal is to create thriving fisher communities that promote sustainable fishery, providing consumers with ethically-sourced and seafood that is free from forced and slave labor.


Active Founding Members of MAST are:




In September 2018, The Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Accountable Supply Chain of Thai Fisheries has been registered as a nonprofit company in Thailand under the name "MAST Human" to be a reflection of our works for human and the oceans.



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 mast VISION

 “A Seafood Sector in South East Asia

Free of 

      Human Trafficking”    


 mast Mission

A Thai-led regional, community-based participatory model that brings civil society, government and private sector together to address the root causes of human trafficking in the Southeast Asia seafood sector progressively over time.

     MAST    Programs  

Solving Mystery at Sea

  • Pilot Project "Digital Artisanal Fisheries"

  • Combat IUU Fishing and slave labor

  • Promote Sustainable Fishery, traceability

mast human intelligence* coming up!

  • using mobile technology to track the well-being of fishers, migrant workers in the fishing industry

  • provides a platform for listening to voices of the vulnerable

  • raising awareness, better protection, and prompt intervention  

 Access to Justice

  • Use technology to facilitate vulnerable workers to access the grievance mechanism

  • Raise awareness and prevent human trafficking in business supply

Legal & Medical Workshop

  • Equip Civil Society for Better Care of Trafficked Persons and themselves Increase NGOs' competency for transparent prosecution  


MAST is working with the Thai coastal communities and businesses to promote sustainable and ethical seafood. 

Digital Artisanal Fisheries

Pilot Project at Ban Toong Noi, Prachuap Kirikhan, Thailand 

piya's story

A remarkable and encouraging story of Piya Thedyam on a fight to conserve the diversified of marine creatures and for coastal community's resilience by practicing ethical and sustainable fishery. 






Law Library

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Thai Fishery Laws

Past Events


Tel: +66 2613 8400 ext. 1240

mobile +66 99 829 6047



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